Campaign Moderator Guide

This guide will provide an introduction campaign moderation.

Dear Campaign Moderator,

Thank you for taking on these important roles. This guide is designed to help new Campaign Moderators manage their campaigns once the campaign is launched by the Campaign Administrator who will set up the campaign. The guide contains brief descriptions of features, how-to videos, and detailed Support Articles.

You are encouraged to skip around and use this guide as you see fit. To begin, this short video will show you how IdeaScale works

Now let’s review the ways you can moderate your campaign.



Global and Campaign Moderators


1. Moderation and Idea Ownership

- Incoming Moderation

- Idea Ownership

- Fast Track Ideas with a custom label

- Project Management Features

2. Idea and Member Management

- Member Management Dashboard

- Idea Portfolio

- Reporting & Analysis Dashboard

- Exporting Data

3. IdeaScale Resources

- Support Center

- Customer Case Studies and Success Stories

- Innovation Courses

- IdeaScale Blog 

1. Moderation and Idea Ownership

Innovation campaigns need moderators to ensure that each idea is properly considered for advancement. As a moderator, your role is to comment on ideas by thanking idea submitters, asking for more details, and advancing the ideas to the appropriate stage. You also have the ability to assign an idea owner(s) as a project manager to continue to build the idea and you can assign Moderator Tags which describe a specific state the idea is in within a stage.

Before you begin, please review your campaign’s Challenge Statement or Call-to-Action with your Campaign Sponsor and Campaign Administrator. Some questions to consider:

  • What does a successful campaign idea submission look like?
  • What do you and your leadership need to know about an idea before you can advance the idea to the next stage?
  • What are the important stages within your campaign and what are their purpose?

Incoming Moderation

The Incoming Moderation dashboard is a useful way for moderators to manage their ideas and reply to idea submitters. Ideas can be linked, sorted, and advanced to new stages.

Help Articles:

Incoming Moderation

Saved Reply


Idea Ownership

Moderators can assign an Idea owner to partly manage specific ideas. Multiple owners can be given to a single idea by selecting the clipboard at the bottom of an idea. Idea Owners can view their assigned ideas within their profile page’s My Ideas tab and in Owner Ideas.


Help Articles:

Idea Ownership

Fast-Track Ideas with a Custom Label

As a moderator, you may come across an idea that is already in development or is already approved for development. For these ideas, consider creating and adding a ‘Fast-Track’ custom label found by selecting the flag at the bottom of the idea. You can use the automation setting so that when the label is applied, the idea will move forward, bypassing unnecessary stages to a desired stage.  


Project Management Features

As ideas are pre-screened, refined, or assessed, moderators will need to develop tactics to manage them as innovation projects. There are several IdeaScale features that support project managers who are responsible for developing ideas into solutions. 

Help Articles:

Moderator Tags 

Custom Fields 

Custom Labels

Idea Ownership


App Directory

2. Idea and Member Management

The Member Management Dashboard

The Member Management dashboard allows you to search and select members to take actions such as approve, ban, send a private message, and more. You can use this tool to add members and judges to specific groups. When building groups for your private campaign, you can easily bulk-import members here as well.


Help Articles:

Overview of Member Management

Bulk Import Members

Idea Portfolio

Idea Portfolio grants Moderators an easy-to-use method of organizing, sorting, and tagging all ideas that have been submitted. The ideas, campaigns, and groups that moderators can see will depend on the type of moderator they are: Global, Campaign, or Group Moderator.

Help Articles:

Overview of the Idea Portfolio

Reporting & Analysis Dashboard

The Reporting & Analysis Dashboard helps you to monitor engagement and outcomes across your campaigns. 

Help Articles:

Overview of the Reporting & Analysis 

3. IdeaScale Resources

If you need help configuring any of these moderator features, please contact your global or campaign administrator.


Please email our Support Team to discuss specific features and technical software needs:

Please email IdeaScale Professional Services to discuss additional training or to provide feedback on this guide and services:

Last Updated: February 14, 2024