Look & Feel Settings

Overview of all settings under look & feel section

Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Look & Feel

This section provides all the settings for changing the overall look and feel of the community. It is separated in 2 major toggle sections:

Basic Settings

Advanced Settings

Legacy Settings

Look & Feel Settings: Basic

Toggling the switch to Basic will show the following settings:

Site HTML pages

Community Colors

Background Image for the Login Page

Site HTML Pages

This section allows you to edit the text and HTML codes for Header, Footer, Homepage, Custom pages, etc

Help article on Site HTML Pages: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/site-html-pages

Community Colors

This setting helps you to change the community colors with a highlight and two accent colors.

Help article on Community colors: https://help.ideascale.com/community-colors

Background Image for the Login Page

Add a background image on the login page to encourage users to log in to your IdeaScale community
Help article on Background Image for the Login Page: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/background-image-for-the-login-page

Look & Feel Settings: Advanced

Toggling the switch to Advanced will show the following setting in addition to the Basic settings mentioned above:

Preview Image for Facebook Sharing

Preview Image for Facebook Sharing

You can set a separate image for your Facebook sharing icon via the IdeaScale community using this setting.
Help article on Preview Image for Facebook Sharing: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/preview-image-for-facebook-sharing

Look & Feel Settings: Legacy Settings

Toggling the switch Show Legacy Settings will show all the legacy settings which are soon to be deprecated in red background. These settings are already available for editing on the front end using Edit mode.

Custom Top Bar Logo

This section allows you to set an image like your company logo or any custom one instead of the IdeaScale logo on the topbar.

Help article on Custom Topbar Logo: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/custom-topbar-logo

Banner Selection

Choose a banner from the gallery, or upload a new banner image of your own.
Help article on Banner Selection: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/community-banner

Community Tile Image

This section allows you set up an image by uploading or using the drag and drop option. The recommended size is 850x165 pixels.

Note: Community Tile Image will display on community home page banner only and Banner Selection image will be used on Profile and Leaderboard page.


This is where you can upload a logo to your community. For best results and to optimize performance, dimensions of logo image files should be set to 96px x 96px.

Help article on Logo: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/look-feel-settings-logo

Custom Favicon

You can set up your own favicon using this option.
Help article on Custom Favicon: https://help.ideascale.com/knowledge/custom-favicon


Last Updated: July 12, 2023