Product Updates May 2023

We're currently working on enhancing the features listed below to improve the overall user experience.

A Timer for the Idea Submission End Date  

The campaign-specific timer and idea submission timer will both be shown on the ideas page to provide participants with a clear indication of how long they have to submit ideas.

The idea submission timer will be active if an idea submission end date is specified in the campaign's idea submission stage. 

Automate Suggested Tags

When drafting your idea, our Idea Submission form will auto populate top 5 “suggested tags” to insert into the tag section. Users will then have the option to choose which tags to include in their submission.

Recycle Bin Auto-Delete Ideas Older than 30 Days

The Recycle Bin stores deleted ideas, which can only be permanently removed by a moderator actively deleting them one by one or in bulk. If the moderator does not do this, the ideas will remain in the recycle bin indefinitely.

To ease the moderator's task of clearing the Recycle Bin, ideas residing in the bin for more than 30 days would be deleted automatically.

For user notification, upon moving an idea to the Recycle Bin, a pop-up message will appear, stating "Ideas placed in the Recycle Bin will be permanently erased after 30 days."

Additionally, global moderators will receive a weekly email reminder that includes a list of ideas in the Recycle Bin scheduled for deletion on a specific date.

Fund Stage - No Target Mode

As requested by avid Fund Stage users, we will enable the feature for ideas to have no Fund target limit.

Edit Mode 

Edit Mode allows Administrators/Custom Administrators to edit text, module positioning, image selection, as well as a variety of visible content directly on the page without having to navigate to Community Settings. Details here

NOTE: Below mentioned Settings would move to Edit Mode and will be removed from Community Settings.

  • General Settings:  Community Info, Community Name, Community Subtitle
  • Customization >> Look & Feel: Custom Toolbar Logo, Banner Selection, Community Tile, Logo, Custom Favicon
  • Customization >> Customize Site Behavior: Display community logo in community banner, Default View, Default Ideas Filter

To ensure administrators become acquainted with the relocated settings, we've introduced a Show/Hide Legacy Settings toggle in the community settings.

After the Edit mode is released, these settings will be completely removed from the Community settings after a 30-day period. During this time, administrators will have the ability to edit from both the new and old locations.


We will enable @mention support in Idea/Refine custom fields that have a rich text editor. This will notify mentioned users directly and facilitate collaboration across our platform.

We are also adding a separate Mentions tab under the Bell Notification. The Mentions tab will provide a centralized location for users to view all of their mentions in one place. This will make it easier to keep track of conversations and ensure that important messages are not missed.

UI Update: Refine Stage Single and Multiple Choice  Fields

The UI for Refine Stage: single and multiple choice custom fields, will now be updated to match the UI for Idea Submission Single and multiple choice custom fields.