Power BI Setup

Setting Up Power BI For IdeaScale Community

We have created a Microsoft-recommended secured connector, which admins can install on their Microsoft machines and utilize the Power BI Desktop app. For initial usage, a Microsoft account is not required. Though, if admins wish to publish their dashboard online to their peers, then a Microsoft/Power BI account with a minimum of Power BI Pro license will be needed. 

Power BI cannot be installed on Apple/ Mac.

Power BI Setup

  1. Download the Power BI Custom Connector Setup zip file from https://ideascale.com/power-bi-integration/

  2. It will contain 3 files (IdeaScaleConnectorSetup.msi, setup_v1.0.0.exe, IdeaScaleAnalytics_v1.0.0.pbix). Open the setup_v1.0.0.exe file to start the installation.

  3. The system will prompt to confirm running the setup.

  4. Start the installation and follow the prompted steps.

    Select the folder to nestle the application.
  5. Once done, close the pop-up window.

Once the setup is complete, open Power BI and it is ready to be used.

To connect to IdeaScale Analytics data from Power BI Desktop App please see below link: Power BI Desktop App Connector

Last Updated: May 2, 2024