Microsoft Exchange / Corporate Mail Server Integration

IdeaScale SMTP Relay lets you send invitation emails using your existing email service. SMTP relay uses your corporate SMTP server settings for sending emails and providing authenticity and thereby avoiding being caught as SPAM/Junk mail.

The way the SMTP Relay system works is that, your servers will be the initial receivers of the email - even if the email is not destined to your domain. This makes sure that your servers are the initial point of contact as they email out to the wider world.

Your IT staff may want to know the IP address from which we'll be sending emails (to be allowed to relay.) - Please see the references section below to get a list of our outbound mail servers.
Please reach out to Support or your IA if an ip address is required for your purposes.
By using the SMTP Relay, all emails that you send are routed through your servers. For example, if you are sending email invitations to gmail, hotmail etc. - and you would want to route all the emails through your servers - for corporate accountability, standards, archiving etc. - the SMTP Relay functionality will make sure this happens.

Your IT staff will have to whitelist our outbound server's IP addresses for the instance their community is on. Following are the IPs that need to be whitelisted for our various instances:

US ( (, 2600:3000:2400:109f::8,, fe80::9842:84ff:fe4d:9afb)
EU ( (,
AU ( (,
AE ( (,
PE ( (,
CA ( (,
ISG ( (,


Last Updated: January 23, 2024