Mail Messages marked as SPAM / Guaranteed Delivery

Email Delivery by Customer's Company Mail Server
We cannot guarantee that your company's email servers will accept emails from us (for your email invites to your community). Different companies have different algorithms and policies as to what is considered as SPAM and what is not. Please contact your internal IT staff and ask them about their ANTI-SPAM policies.
Technical Information for IT Departments to Ensure Email Delivery
Following is the necessary information for our domain
 Outbound Mail Servers

  • - for all communities on the US server.

  • - for all communities on the AE server.

  • - for all communities on the PE server

  • - for all communities on the EU server.

  • - for all communities on the AU server

  • - for all communities on the CA server

  • - for all Fedramp communities.

In case IP addresses are needed by your IT staff, they are as follows for our various instances:

  • US ( (, 2600:3000:2400:109f::8,, fe80::9842:84ff:fe4d:9afb)

  • AE ( (,

  • PE ( (,

  • EU ( (,

  • AU ( (,

  • CA ( (,

  • ISG ( (,

SPF records
With the default setting enabled, you do not need to create additional SPF records. Emails will be sent from the IdeaScale domain, which already has SPF records associated with it.
For advanced email settings - Help article:  General Email Settings

Email Communication Encrypted
IdeaScale email servers are configured with SSL/TLS. TLS allows mail between systems to be encrypted to minimize the chances of snooping. IdeaScale mails (new ideas, logins etc.) are send via our mail servers which is configured to enable TLS as long as the receiving system also supports TLS. Most modern mail systems support TLS out of the box. Please check with your IT department if your email system (inbound mail servers) support TLS.
Help Article on SSL/TLS:

Last Updated: September 5, 2023