Member and Idea Imports

Bulk import, upload ideas, upload members, bulk upload status, upload username

Path: Settings Dropdown >> Member Management >> Import

The administrator of the community can easily import or upload members or update member details status and username through the import functionality in IdeaScale. This reduces the time and is a quick process if we have to add or update the member details in the community.

Bulk Import Members

Many members can be invited or added to the community by bulk importing the email address of the new members.

Bulk Upload Members Status

The administrator of the community can upload the new member status or change the existing status.

Bulk Upload Username

The feature allows you to change or upload usernames to all the members of the community.

Bulk Import Roles

The features allow member roles such as Community Admin, Global Moderator, Campaign Moderator, and Group Moderator to be imported for existing members of the community.

Path: Community Settings >> Data Management >> Import Data

The administrator of the community also has the feature to import or upload ideas, votes, or comments to ideas with the help of an Excel file.

Import Ideas

Uploading ideas and attachments with an Excel file.

Import Comments

Uploading comments to ideas with an excel file.

Import Idea Owners

Uploading Idea owners to ideas with an excel file.

Import Votes

Uploading votes to ideas with an excel file.

Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Tags Settings >> Bulk Import Tags

Bulk Import Tags:
The administrator can bulk import or upload tags that should be used in the community.

Last Updated: July 19, 2023