Bulk Import Roles

Bulk Import Roles Member roles, bulk, import, member management

Path: Member Management >> Import tab >> Roles

This setting allows to upload the Member roles such as Community Admin, Global Moderator, Campaign Moderator, Group Moderator and so on roles for existing members of the community.

The Generate template button gives you a readymade template to add in the email address of the members you would like the specific roles to be assigned in the community.

Select roles to include in the template setting shows all the types of roles available in the community. If you wish to have different type of roles assigned in one import have the All option selected before generating the template.

You will see a link to download the generated template as shown in the above screenshot.

The below screenshot displays the generated template when the selected roles are

all while generating the template.

You will find sheets with member roles, add in the email address of members in the specific sheet of roles you would like them to be assigned into.

For eg: If you wish to have 3 members assigned as Community admin add them in the first sheet named as Community Admin and so on.

Last Updated: June 28, 2023