Look & Feel Settings: Customize Site Behavior

Customizing Community Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide to Fine-Tuning Interaction and User Experience in IdeaScale.

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Customize Site Behavior
In this article, we will guide you through customizing your community's behavior when interacting with users. To do so, we will explore the Customize Site Behavior setting which is divided into two main toggle sections.

Basic Settings

Advanced Settings

Customize Site Behavior: Basic

The Basic settings are further divided into the following sub-sections:

Idea Submission Settings
Idea Details Screen
User Profile Screen


Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 10.08.26 AM

Disable Up/Down Vote Count: Enabling this setting displays the votes in Scale mode instead of Net Vote Count.

Hide Net Votes: Hide the number of votes gained by an idea.
Vote Down: Disables the ability to vote an idea down. Only available when you have Up/Down Voting selected in  Global System Settings: Voting System.

For advanced settings under General scroll down to General (Advanced)

Idea Submission Settings
Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 11.40.49 AM

Idea Body Length Limit: The number of characters in the idea body or description of the idea can be decided by adding a number in this setting. If you wish to keep it to unlimited simply put a 0 in the space given.

Idea Details Screen

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 11.41.18 AM
Allow to Email Idea Author: This allows
the moderator to email the author/owner of the idea. But, administrators are also allowed to email once they are assigned as global moderator/campaign moderators.

Click here to know how to send an email to Author in detail
Vote Activity Module: When turned ON, the vote activity stream is visible on the Idea Detail Screen.

Enable Stage Timeline: It displays idea's stage progress in a timeline fashion in the idea details page below the idea description.

User Profile Screen

'Hide My Identity':
When the switch is ON, the Admin permits the users to hide their identity in the Community. When OFF it disallows the ability of a user to hide their identity by updating their profile.

When OFF, it also removes Hide my identity box from the registration page.

Allow Members to upload profile picture: Only after we enable this setting will the members get an option to upload a profile picture of their own.

For advanced settings under User Profile Screen scroll down to User Profile Screen (Advanced)


Automatically vote for own idea:
When ON, Idea submitter automatically votes on own idea as soon as idea is submitted.

Customize Site Behavior: Advanced

The Advanced settings have few more settings in addition to the Basic settings in following sub-sections:

User Profile Screen

General (Advanced)

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 10.08.55 AM

Exclude private ideas from statistics: Enabling this will exclude all private ideas from the statistics shown in campaign activity.

User Profile Screen (Advanced)

Force Community-Wide Anonymity:
When ON Hides identity of all the members in the community.

Default Value for 'Hide My Identity': When this option is enabled any new user trying to register with this community, will see Hide My Identity enabled by default on the registration page. However, users still can disable it from the registration page.


Last Updated: August 18, 2023