Labels FAQ

Labels FAQ Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Labels (But Were Afraid To Ask)

  • What are Labels? Labels are small virtual post-it notes that appear at the end of idea titles and comments.

  • Can an idea have more than one Label? Yes, there’s no cap on the number of Labels that are associated with ideas.

  • How do ideas get labeled? Some labels are system labels such as Private, Duplicate, Pending, Implemented, and Selected, other labels are Custom Labels set up by Administrators (see below).

  • Where is the Label button? Labels that are available to a member or moderator are found under the label button.

  • Where can I add a Label? All labels are available to add to ideas in all views of an idea, plus the Incoming and Idea Portfolio. Some labels can also be applied during idea submission or comment (more below).

  • Where are Labels visible? Labels are visible in all views of an idea: Grid, List, or Idea Details, along with moderator panels: Incoming and Idea Portfolio.

  • How do Labels differ from tags or moderator tags? Great question, Labels have a lot in common with tags but the main difference is Labels are set up by Administrators and are not open-ended.

  • What is the complete list of System Labels: Abuse, Draft, Duplicate, Edited, Implemented, In Reserve, Off Topic, Pending, Private, Recycling Bin, Selected, Translated, and Unverified Translation.

  • Can I apply one Label to many ideas? Yes, you can add labels to many ideas using the Idea Portfolio. Otherwise, members/moderators only apply one label at a time.

  • Can I automatically apply Labels to ideas? Yes, you can use the Automator Builder to set up Label related recipes.

  • Can I click on Labels? Yes, you can click on labels to get a list of all ideas with the label (like tags).

  • Is there a character limit on Labels? Yes, 22 characters are the max.

  • Are Labels translated? System Labels are auto-translated, but Custom Labels would need to be translated by the Administrator.

  • How do I set up a custom label in my community? Administrators can set up new custom labels in the Customization section of the Community Settings.

  • Can I control who can see the labels? Yes, when configuring your labels you can determine who can add the new custom label: Moderators, specific Groups, or All Community Members.

  • Can I control who can remove a custom label? Yes, you can also determine who can remove the labels. Options are Moderators, specific Groups, all Community Members, or the member the actually labeled the idea (I.e. the labeler).

  • Can I change the color of my Custom Label? Yes, you have a palette to choose from when setting up your Custom Label.

  • Can I search for all ideas with a certain label? System labels can be searched in the Idea Portfolio, Incoming Moderation. Though only clickable labels can be searched.

  • Can I make Custom Labels actionable? Yes, labels can be applied with Automator Builder, AND applying Custom Labels will trigger configurable actions.

  • What are some examples of Custom Labels? Other examples of Custom Labels you may want to add: Idea Bank, Parking Lot, Featured, Moderator Pick, or Quick Win.

  • What are some of your favorite labels? Blue Note, Motown, Stax, and Columbia in the ’60s, and you certainly can’t argue with Warner Brothers' run last century either.

  • More on Custom Labels here.

Actionable Label:

  • What is the Actionable label? Actionable is a Custom Label available to moderators. Moderators can use this label to indicate ideas that are quick-wins or just-do-its.

  • Can I turn it off? Administrators are welcome to adjust the verbiage of the Actionable label, and settings or even turn the label off.

  • Where can I apply it? The default behavior for the Actionable label allows for Moderators to apply/remove on the Idea Details, Grid, Compact, or List view.

Comment Labels:

  • What are Comment Labels? Comment labels include idea submitter, moderator, Private, Merged, Owner, and also Custom Labels.

  • Can I add Custom Labels to the comments? Yes, you can. Admins can control where comments can be applied: all listings of ideas, Idea Submission, or Comments.

  • Can you recommend a labeler for labeling tactile items? We’ve been using the Dymo 1550 since the late ’80s. 


Last Updated: August 18, 2023