How to Delete a Community

How to Delete a Community Delete

Path: Personal Settings >> Subscription >> Communities Owned

To delete a community owned by you, you need the follow the below steps:
 1) From your Personal Settings, go to Subscription.
 2) Scroll down into your plan type and click on Communities Owned.
 3) You'll see a list of the communities you own. Locate the community you would like to remove and click Delete.

You will be taken to a new page. Type DELETE (all in Caps) and then click Confirm Deletion.

You will see the deleted community below the owned communities in the profile page. This also gives us a chance to undelete the community in case you would like to retrieve it for any reason.


Note: The community takes 7 days to be deleted permanently. To delete it immediately, click on Permanently Delete.

Clicking on the Permanently Delete button will take you to a new page confirming the deletion of community data at once. 

Type in DELETE in capital letter and the process of deletion will be started. You will see a message.

Once the deletion is completed you will get an email confirmation.