2022 Sunset List

A rundown of the features we are sunsetting in 2022

Like all software companies, IdeaScale regularly takes stock of their current feature set and determines which features need to be depreciated.  This year we have a short list of features we will be sunsetting at the end of September.  Removing these features will allow us to focus on our core offerings and build better features moving forward.  Let's have one last toast for the following:

Merge Ideas

Global File Library

RSS feeds

iOS App

Domain Based Cookie SSO

Exporting as XML

Submit Via Email

Idea Cloud

Inbound Status

Merge Ideas: Two years ago we introduced Linked Ideas, which greatly overlapped the functionality offered by Merge Ideas. Since that time Linked Ideas has been widely adopted. We think of Linked ideas as a more refined means of joining ideas. Any idea(s) that have been merged prior to September 30, 2022 will remain that way. 

Global File Library: We current offer a Global and Community File Library.  Both serve the same purpose.  So we decided we will combine them into one repository, called File Library.  Any files you have utilized in the Global File Library will be moved automatically to the new File Library, and all URL paths will be supported.  

RSS feeds: We will no longer be offering RSS for publicly facing communities. Side note: we still miss Google Reader.

iOS App: We’ve spent many hours making our communities mobile responsive, so much time we haven’t spent nearly enough time working on our dedicated app.  We will be discontinuing support of our native app on September 30. 

Domain Based Cookie SSO: The SSO wars of the 00’s are over and SAML won.  

Exporting Data as XML: For certain exports we allowed data to exported as an XML file.  We will not longer support XML. (Don’t fear Excel/CSV exports aren't going anywhere.)

Submit Via Email: Sadly, this feature never got off the ground, based on the number of hoops one had to jump through to actually submit an idea.  What was initially designed as an easy means to submit ideas on-the-fly turned out to be anything but easy. The related Draft Email Reminder feature that reminds members to submit their drafts will remain.

Idea Cloud: One of our oldest and clunkiest reports will now no longer be supported.

Inbound Status: This seldom used Idea status was super helpful when utilizing a widget. However, since our Widgets have been sunset (class of 2020) the Inbound has created a huge amount of confusion.  Any idea in the Inbound status will be moved back to the respective submitter's drafts. 



Q: What does this mean for me? Do I need to do anything? 
No action required on your end.  We will quietly remove them from your community.

Q: When is this happening?
We will be removing these features on September 30th.

Q: Is this it? Are other features going to be removed?
We will be removing other, seldom used, features in the coming months.  Watch this space for updates.