Last Updated: July 31, 2023

The dashboard is where all of the organization boards will be hosted, and it will be a hub for any team’s collaboration. There are multiple sections to the IdeaScale Whiteboard dashboard as mentioned below.

Main Dashboard 

The main dashboard holds all of the organization boards; everything created within the organization will be present here. If it’s not on the front page, you can navigate to more pages in the top right corner to show more options. When navigating the dashboard, there are a couple of filters that will hopefully help organize the boards to make them easier to find. Using these filters, users can see which boards were updated recently and which ones they have personally created.


To further assist in board management, you can create folders in the dashboard. These folders will be shared with everyone in the organization but can have individual boards added to them to help clear a potentially busy dashboard. Additionally, for boards shared from outside the organization, the Shared with Me section has access to all external boards.

Creating a New Board

The dashboard is also the place where any user can create a new board. By using the button in the top right corner, users can create a new board based on multiple pre-made templates or a simple blank canvas. Selecting one of these templates will open a new board based on that design, and each board can be opened with or without notes. Opening a board without notes will populate the blank template while opening it with notes will enable users to see an example of what the board might look like when filled out.

Last Updated: July 31, 2023