Webhook with Jira

Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Automation Builder

Learn how to build a webhook that creates a Jira issue for every idea you selected for implementation.
 Method of Integration: Webhook triggered via IdeaScale’s automation builder
 Platform Connected: Jira
 Platform Developer Information: Jira’s full Rest API documentation can be found at https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/
Path: Community Settings > Workflow > Automation Builder and click “Create New Workflow”. You’ll get a screen that looks like this:

  1. Start by naming your new Workflow using the “Rule Name” field. This can be anything you like. 

  2. Under 'Condition', use the drop-downs to build a condition that is 'Idea'. Then select the activity you wish the Idea to go through to get pushed to Basecamp. See the above example, where we have configured the workflow to trigger when an idea reaches the Stage named “Pending Approval”. 

  3.  Under the 'Action' Category select 'Execute Webhook' in the 'Name' Section. 

  4. When all of the above is set, hit save. Hitting Save will cause a new set of options to appear. 

  5. Under Method Type select Post

  6. Now, add the following URL to the URL section: https://ideascaleapitest.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/issue. Replace “ideascaleapitest.atlassian.net” with the url or your Jira instance.

  7. Then Select Basic Auth and your personal JIRA username and password (or whichever Jira account you wish to create the Jira issues) under Username and Password.

  8. Finally, under Post Payload enter the following code:

 "fields": {
 "project": {
 "key": "KEY"
 "summary": "{ideaTitle}",
 "description": "{ideaDesc} {ideaUrl}",
 "issuetype": {
 "id": "10001"
9. Replace KEY with the Key for the particular project you would like to create your new issues in. You can find the key by going to the project and looking at the URL. The key appears in the following spot: https://ideascaleapitest.atlassian.net/projects/KEY/board.
10. Hit Test. You should see a new card appear in your Jira account.
11.  'Enable' and save your Automation Rule. From now on any idea that completes your rule will get pushed to your Jira board. Your delivery team can then begin assigning to-dos and ensuring your project gets completed.


Last Updated: July 31, 2023