Webhook with Aha

Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Automation Builder

Learn how to build webhook automation to post on AHA whenever an activity like an idea is submitted, an idea reaches a certain stage, or votes on ideas reaches a certain threshold, etc

What idea data you can push to AHA via the Payload: 

Submitter's Email Address, Submitter's Name, Idea Description, Idea Title, Idea URL

Method of Integration: Webhook triggered via IdeaScale’s automation builder

Platform Connected: AHA

Note- You need a premium zapier account/7-day free trial account to use webhooks by zapier

Path: Community Settings > Workflow > Automation Builder and click “Create New Workflow”. You’ll get a screen that looks like this:

  1. Start by naming your new Workflow using the “Rule Name” field. This can be anything you like. 
  2. Under 'Condition', use the drop-downs to build a condition that is 'Idea'. Then select the activity you wish the Idea to go through to get pushed to Aha. See the above example, where we have configured the workflow to trigger when an idea received 2 votes it will be pushed to Aha
  3.  Under the 'Action' Category select 'Execute Webhook' in the 'Name fragment' Section. 
  4. When all of the above is set, hit save. Hitting Save will cause a new set of options to appear.
  5. Go to zapier.com and create a new zap. Select webhook by zapier as a trigger 
    (you need a premium account or can signup for 7 days trial to use this feature)
  6. Select catch hook as an event as shown below


 7.  Copy the webhook URL and paste it into IdeaScale automation settings like below and test the payload in the IdeaScale app

{ "name": "{emailAddress}","title": "{ideaTitle}","desc": "{ideaDesc}","urlSource": "{ideaUrl}"}

8. Test the trigger in the zapier. Once the trigger is set we will go ahead and set the action in the next step

9. Select Aha & login to aha as the action is shown below and fill up the fields. Test the action, it should post to the aha portal

Now Save and publish the zap. The automation setup is complete.

Finally, in Ideascale when any idea receives 2 votes as per the rule then that idea will be pushed to Aha

Note- you may require admin access to Aha to the setup Aha's idea portal