Token-Based/Multipass SSO

How to configure Token-Based/Multipass

Multipass authentication is a single sign on authentication strategy to allow you to share your user authentication with your site

Encrypted token that is passed on in the URL or as a parameter in a post form (site key and multi-pass key are the KEY items here)

Location: Community Settings --> Security --> Single Signon Settings  

  1. Enable the setting and click ‘Add New’ 

2. Select Multipass Token

3. On IdeaScale you will need to plug in the below data: 

Display Name – name that will identify this SSO, can be anything (example: My companies SAML SSO)

We recommend always enabling the debugger which will be a useful tool for catching SSO issues. 

Ensure you enable the ‘enabled’ toggle. 

On your database you will need to enter IdeaScale’s Mulipass Site Key & Multipass API Key (see screenshot below) 


Multipass General Settings: 

  1. SSO Login URL – your SSO login page that users will be redirected too

  2. Logout Success URL - your SSO logout page that users will be redirected too

  3. SSO Change Password URL – your SSO’s change password page 

  4. Change Password via popup (enable) – if you would like a popup to help users change their password

  5. Blacklisted Email Domains – any email addresses (aka domains) that you do not want users logging in with (example –


Last Updated: August 3, 2023