Status of IdeaScale Communities

Community statuses like Active or Disabled

Path: Community Settings >> General Settings >> Community Info >> Community Settings >> Status
In IdeaScale you can set your community to different statuses which will control the working of Idea Submission, Voting, and Commenting.

  1. Active: When a community is set to "Active", community members are allowed to vote on, submit ideas and also comment on it.

  2. Disabled: When a community is set to "Disabled", members can view the community but cannot vote on or submit new ideas or comment on ideas. Note that Disabled communities can be reactivated by changing your community's status.
     New users will not be able to register for the community during this status. 

Note: The idea submission button will be greyed out when the community status is set to "Disabled".

Last Updated: August 23, 2023