Stage Permissions for Submitters, Teams, Owners & Groups

What are stage permissions?
IdeaScale supports the ability to manage stage permissions to a high degree of granularity, using two key options provided during the setup of each stage. These options are:

  1. Permission to view the stage: This allows members to view the details of the stage's activity within the activity tab. For example, in a review stage I will be able to see the review score of that idea, but not do a review myself.

  2. Permission to participate in stage: This grants members the ability to participate or take actions within that stage. For example, in a review stage I will be able to participate and submit a review.

Users who have no permission in a certain stage will still be able to see the stage and the ideas within that stage. 

For example, if I have neither view nor participation permission in a review stage, I will still be able to see the idea, the idea description, and the actions taken in other stages I do have permission to view. What I will not be able to see is any information about the scores or progress within the review stage. To help illustrate this point, please browse the three screenshots below. Each screenshot is of the same idea in the same review stage, but each shows the idea’s activity tab from the point-of-view of users with differing levels of permission.

 1. Permission to View the Stage:

2. Permission to Participate in the Stage:

3. No Permission in Stage:

How are stage permissions set?

Permissions are set from within each stage. The UI provides a simple and intuitive way to select the groups to whom you wish to grant permissions in that stage, as can be seen from this screenshot:

Which users can be granted permissions in this way?

The following users may be granted permissions using the stage permissions function:

  • Idea Submitters

  • Idea Owners

  • Idea Team Members: Team member permissions are managed on a per team-build stage basis. So, for example, if the funnel contains more than one team-build stage you will be able to manage the permissions of the teams built in each stage individually; team 1 could be given permission review, while team 2 is made responsible for refinement.

  • Groups - all community groups are included as options within both the view and participate sections of the stages permission feature.

The default permission for any stage will be for all users to have both view and participate permissions. Selecting a specific role or group to have particular permission will restrict that permission to only users who are a member of one or more of the groups/roles selected.

Last Updated: July 31, 2023