Sections and Dynamic Sections FAQ

What are Sections?
Sections are a means to group questions together in your idea submission form. They are configured per-campaign.

Can more than one Custom Field go into a Section?
There is no cap on the number of fields that can go into a Section.

What are Dynamic Sections?
Dynamic Sections allow a response from one question to logically determine what the next set of questions are.

What do I need to add Dynamic Sections to my Idea Submission form?
In order to utilize Dynamic Sections you need to first have a Single-Select or Multi-Select type field. Click the small Dynamic Section button to the right of the title, which will allow you to link individual responses of the Single-Select or Multi-Select question to various Sections. Multiple responses can link to the same Section and some responses may not link to a Section at all.

Can Dynamic Sections can be re-used?

The Section itself is not reusable but an entire campaign template as a whole can be re-used via the Campaign Template Import at the top of the Idea Submission Tool.

Can I put required Custom Fields in a Section?
Yes, you can put any required Custom Field in a Section.

Can I put required Custom Fields in a Dynamic Section?
No, you cannot put Required Custom Fields in a Dynamic Section.

Can I put Title and Description in a Section?
Yes, you can put these fields in a Section, however as they are required fields they cannot be included in a Linked or Dynamic Section.

Can a field in a Dynamic Section link to another Dynamic Section?
Great question, not at this time.

Any plans to add Sections or Dynamic Sections to Member Profile Questions?
Yes, absolutely, at the time of publication those items are currently in development.

Any plans to add Sections or Dynamic Sections to the Refine Stage?
Yes, we will be adding these as well.

Are Sections Exportable?
All contents of a Section are exportable as with any other Custom Field, though the Section title is not exportable.

Last Updated: July 28, 2023