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Registration Process for a Standard User

If a user is invited to join an IdeaScale community for the first time or if an existing member wants to join a new community, they will need to go through the following process.
Invited to a community
A member can be invited by the administrator to join the community by sending an invitation email. The member needs to click the link “Verify my email” to verify his email address and complete the registration process.

Once the member clicks on the link Verify my email the member will be asked to set up the password for the login.

The user will then be taken to the login page to login using the email address and password.

If the community has Terms and Conditions of Use set up they would need to accept it.

After confirming the Terms and Conditions of Use you will be prompted to set up a Profile along with the Member Profile Questions.

Create a First name and last name for @mention and username followed by Timezone and member profile questions, in case the community has set them up.

Register to a Community

A user can register to a community by creating an account with IdeaScale. To register with us click on the 'Register' link on the login page. 

This will take the user to the registration page. The member can also register using the other supported social logins as selected by the community administrator.

The registration page will now display the default community language and also the supported community languages as well.

Upon completing the registration process, you will get the following screen.

Go to your inbox to verify your email address by clicking on the link within the verification email sent to you.

Clicking the link Verify my email will complete the verification process and would be now taken to the Login page of the community. You would be then required to login using the email address and the password you set up. Once logged in you would need to complete your community profile. Complete all required fields.

In certain communities, there will be a moderator approval required for all new users willing to participate in a community. Members will be able to participate once the moderator approves the account.
Registered user joining a Community
A registered member can join any new community by logging into the desired community URL with the IdeaScale credentials. Once in, you will see the 'Join This Community' option on the top bar.

Note: On all the instances above, if there is a moderator approval required enabled on the community, after the creation of the account the user will get a message "A Moderator has been notified to approve your account". Once the moderator has approved the account, you will be able to participate.

The member will have to set up a First name and Last name to generate username for @mentions in the community. The member can set up different usernames for all the communities he has joined.


Last Updated: August 16, 2023