Private Campaigns

Private Campaigns Control the visibility of your campaigns

Path: Community Settings >> Campaigns >> Manage Campaigns

A private campaign is only visible to certain users who are invited to participate. This is controlled by the administrator of the community.
Private campaigns are achieved by adding a user group that allows them to view and participate in the ideas of the campaign/s to which they are given access.


Note: Private Campaigns are by default visible to all the Global Moderators and Campaign Moderators of that particular campaign, irrespective of assigning a role or invitation.

How to make a campaign private: 

  1. Create groups before campaigns are made 'Private'.
    Help Article:

  2. The Private campaign switch is seen while adding a new campaign or editing an existing campaign. When this switch is set to ON, the administrator sees the following setting.


A) Accept Ideas from Unauthorized Members:  When 'ON', the users who are not authorized to participate in the private campaign (meaning they are not assigned to the group authorized to participate in the campaign) would be able to select the campaign under idea submission page to submit the idea in it though the campaign name will not be visible to them under 'Active Campaigns' list on the right panel of the home page. Thus they will only be able to submit ideas in the private campaign but viewing/voting / commenting on these ideas will be possible.

Unauthorized members will be able to choose and submit the idea under the Private campaign, however, they will have no way access to the campaign and see the campaign under the "Active Campaigns" on the home page.

B) Authorized Groups: The administrator can switch ON and authorizes the community groups to participate in the private campaign.
The administrator needs to turn ON the switch for groups that he/she wishes to allow to participate in this private campaign.

Help Article on creating groups:

Private Campaign - Notifications 

Updates/notifications for Private Campaigns are included in the Digest emails. A member of Private Campaigns should take care not to share such digest emails with other users.
A precautionary message saying " This email includes ideas from Private campaign, Please don't share this email with others " is included in the digest emails. 

Notifications can be set from Community Settings >> General Settings >> Email & Notifications >> Digest Emails >> Include ideas from Private Campaign in Digest Notification.

Note: Ideas from Private campaigns cannot be shared via the 'Email idea' option with unauthorized members.

To know about how to fully set up a campaign, see the help article:

The latest feature in a private campaign is all the private campaigns will be now denoted with a lock icon in all the places where the campaign name is displayed.

Note: For Landing page enabled communities with Pinned campaign option, the private campaign block will only be visible to members who are authorized to participate in it.


Last Updated: July 25, 2023