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Moderator Campaign Digest Emails

Path: Community Settings >> General Settings >> Emails and Notifications >> Default Notification Preferences

The Moderator Campaign Digest emails are sent out to all Global, Campaign, and Group Moderators. The frequency set up for all Moderator Notification by default is Monthly. The moderator can change the default frequency from monthly to weekly or opt out of these email notifications.

Each moderator can set up the preferred frequency from their Personal Settings >> Notifications.

This digest will include the performance of the campaign for the specific frequency enabled by the moderators. This will display the Engaged Members, Ideas, Comments, Votes, Views, Implemented, and Selected Ideas metrics. Along with the above metrics, it will also have a section in which all the ideas, comments, and members that need approval from the last visit will be listed.

The Moderators digest has four sections for each campaign.

  1. Campaign Performance: This specifically shows the number of engaged members, ideas, comments, vote, and idea views activity taken place during the time period for the particular campaign. Clicking on the link For insights to this campaign View Activity Trends will directly take you to Report and Analysis >> Engage page.

  2. Ideas Approval: This section will display all the ideas that has been submitted since the last moderators digest email. This will show 5 ideas with the idea title and idea submitters' name listed. In case of more than 5 ideas, you will find a link to View and Approve the +rest of the ideas.

  3. Comment Approval: This section will display all the comments that has been submitted since the last moderators digest email. This will show the number of comments along with a link to View and Approve Comments.

  4. Member Approval: This section will display the number of members awaiting approval that has joined the community since the last moderators digest email. This will show the number of comments along with a link to View and Approve Members.

Highlights of Moderator Digest Email Notifications:

  • The link 'For insight to this campaign view Activity Trends', below the Campaign Performance will directly take you to the Engagement Report with all the filters preset.

  • If current week is 33, comparison would be between week 31 and week 32 i.e. last 2 weeks, not the current week.

  • The link below the Idea and Comment approval will lead you to the Incoming Moderation page displaying the ideas or comments that need moderator approval.

  • The member approval link will open up the Member Management page with the list of members that need to be approved.


1. Moderator's digest will not be sent when Campaign Performance is 0 (It will be 0 at the launch of the new community/campaigns OR the Campaign has been inactive for consecutive 2 weeks) and there are no new / Pending idea/comments/members.

2. Snoozed ideas or Marked as seen ideas will not be included in the digest.

3. Moderator's digest will include Only incoming ideas/comments or Pending Members but not the Campaign Performance when an Active Campaign's Performance section has both the actual numbers and % changes as 0 like seen in the image.


In-app Notification

An in-app notification will be visible to the moderators once the Moderator digest email is sent out to them.

Clicking on the link will open the digest in a pop-up form which can then be shared by email with anyone within the community or on social media by using the Share icon.

Last Updated: September 5, 2023