Limits of Strings and Fonts

Limits of Design and Exceptionally Long Text Strings:
While we’ve done our best to account for all possible inputs and filter where necessary, in rare cases, on certain browsers and configurations, exceptionally long words or urls in user-submitted content can disrupt the layout of certain landing page widgets. Therefore, we recommend against including urls or exceptionally long words in the titles of campaigns or ideas. Some widgets are designed to handle larger text inputs; for these special cases, consider a larger layout such as the “horizontal campaign widget” which provides more room for text.

In addition to being a security issue, custom fonts are also one of the largest contributors to page load time. Furthermore, many CSS rules for custom fonts are not standardized across all platforms yet, making it difficult to ensure a consistent viewing standard for all users, independent of their screen configuration. For these reasons, at this time, we do not support custom fonts.
You can communicate your landing page and color preferences to your account manager using the Custom Landing Page Feature Request Form. Please ask your IA for more information.


Last Updated: August 23, 2023