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All about the new landing page

Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Landing Pages

With our new landing page feature (click here to learn more) you can easily update and create a great page to welcome members to your community while also showing them previews of the latest and greatest.


We have released 4 templates at the moment: Armstrong, Berners-Lee, Currie, and Eastman (More templates to come in the future).

Make it Public (accessible to anonymous users): Enabling this switch will allow the public (non-logged-in users) to view your Landing Page (old version or new version).  

Hovering on the template will show a Preview button. Click on it to display the whole template page.

Click on the Select button to select the template as the landing page. Edit it by clicking on the Edit mode. Once done click on Done editing. Use Publish button to publish the page.

Landing page elements


Images or Videos

How it works section


Moving modules

Display type for Campaign 

Display Campaign Expiration

Display Campaign Subtitles

The administrator can edit the text and images provided in the template. Non-required elements can be hidden as well.

Note: Sections cannot be removed  but can be reordered or hidden. 


Clicking on the pencil icon will allow editing the text. The font can be set as Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, and Normal. It can also be made bold, italicized, underlined, strike through as well as hyperlinked.

To hide the text area click on the Eye icon. A slashed eye icon indicates the element is not visible on the landing page.

Images or videos

Images, as well as videos, can be replaced using the Pencil icon.

The image can be dragged and dropped into the area or browser and uploaded from the files from your computer. Admin can also use the image URL for the file uploaded in Community or Global File Library. Note: A transparent png file is recommended here.

For adding a video, select the radio button for Video and add the video URL in Insert Link to Video field.


Note: We no longer host videos in IdeaScale's Community File Library but you can easily host it on various sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Qumu, Vidyard, Kaltura, Brightcove, Vbrick, Intrado, and MS Stream' and add the URL in the Landing page's add video section.

Our tool features an auto-resizer for images but this article reviews what our recommended sizes are so your images look their best! 

How it works section

This section allows you to add or delete an item, edit the text as well as change the image. Click on Add an Item button to add a new step in how it works section. Edit Title and Description text, add image, and click Submit. To delete an item, click on the Trash can icon.


Each time changes are made to the landing page and the admin clicks on Done Editing, the system creates a version of it and saves it. Administrators can go back to any previous version and restore it by clicking on Publish.

Only 20 latest versions are saved.

There is a Go to gallery link on the top to provide quick access to the Landing page templates. Admin can anytime select and try out other templates

Click on the Unpublished button to remove the published landing page template and click on Edit to edit the existing one.


Moving modules

The modules in the landing pages can be moved up and down using the arrow keys at the right corner of the module.


Display type for Campaign 

With the latest development we can now choose to display the campaigns on the landing page from the three display types available i.e Stack, Carousel and Grid.  These display will be available only on the Landing Page Template named Berners-Lee, Currie, and Eastman.


Display Campaign Expiration

The newest addition on our landing page is displaying the campaign expiration date if we have set one in the campaign settings. This display will be available only on the Landing Page Template named Berners-Lee, Currie, and Eastman.

When the countdown reaches less than 7 days the date will appear in red.

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 10.11.34 AM

Display Campaign Subtitles

The landing page will now display the sub-titles of the campaign when we use the templates named Berners-Lee, Currie, and Eastman.

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 10.05.20 AM