Jira Integration

Ways To Connect Jira App With IdeaScale Community

Path: Community Settings >> Integration >> App Directory >> Jira

Our Jira integration with the IdeaScale community allows the users to track, update and follow ideas being submitted in the community. Tracking selected ideas until the implementation of those ideas. Once the integration is set up you can do much more as per your requirements.

Steps to set up Jira integrations:

Before starting - Ensure you have both your community opened in a browser as well as having Jira open. This will allow for the process to be more intuitive and efficient as you will need access to both in order to complete configuration.

The first main step is to login to Jira software with an Administrator account.

1. Navigate to your Jira Url.

2. Choose the 'Set it up for me' option, click the 'Continue' button

3. Choose 'Jira software (Data Center) license, fill up organization name, click 'Generate License' button

4. Fill email, username, password on the Administrator account setup

5. Chose language and click next

6. Create a project

The second step in Jira Cloud Software

Create Application link

1. In Jira, navigate to Project Dashboard >> Settings>> Products


2. On the left side, under Integrations >> find Application links


3. Create Link >> Direct Application Link >>  Enter Community URL without conditional characters i.e “https://testcom1.ideascaleapp.com” >> Continue



4. Error with URL still continue.

5. Enter application name (i.e. ideascale)

6. Create your own consumer key (keep simple and match with the community (i.e testkey)

7. Select "Create incoming link"


8. Enter Consumer Key (i.e. testkey) >> Consumer Name


9. Go to IdeaScale configuration below >> Generate Keys

10. Enter 'Public Key' from the community and continue


**Make sure to save in Jira. If you do not save before putting the info into IdeaScale you will receive a "Failed to save configuration” message.

11.  Application Link is created successfully.


Third step in IdeaScale community

1. Go to Community Settings >> Integration >> App Directory >> Jira >> Settings

2. Click on 'Generate keys'

3. Copy Public key

4. Enter your Jira project URL in the URL box, i.e “https://testcom11.atlassian.net”

5. Enter consumer key that matches Jira setup (i.e testkey)

5. Click Save and Continue

6. Click on 'Click here and allow access'


7. 'Allow' in prompt.


8. Copy 'Private key' from the new webpage.


9. Enter copied private key into 'Secret key box'. Save and Continue.


Move to the configuration tab to configure it for the campaign in your community. Once you have the Projects and Ticket type created this would reflect under the Configuration tab for the admin to select and Save. if you wish to have Jira integrated for multiple campaigns select the appropriate Project and Ticket type and click on the Save button.

You can also easily remove the configuration from the Settings tab by clicking on the Remove Configuration button.

Setting up Jira Integration

How to send your Selected ideas to Jira for implementation


Last Updated: August 1, 2023