In-app Notifications

In-app notifications are messages that are sent to engage members of the community. These notifications will be visible in a Bell icon at the top right side of the community next to the Profile.
These notifications will be visible only if the member has subscribed or is following the idea, campaign, member, or tags.

The In-app notification is segregated into three sections: All, Ideas, and Kudos. The All tab shows the ideas and kudos notifications combined with the most recent one at the top.

Notifications: All

A total of 10 notifications will be displayed in the In-app notifications dropdown, you can click on View All Notification link to view all the notifications.

A blue dot next to the notifications will indicate that they are new since the last time the member opened the In-app Notifications.

Notifications: Ideas

All the notifications related to the member's ideas will be displayed in the Ideas tab. This will include comments, @mentions, tags, and annotations for the ideas submitted by the member.

The notifications will have different icons next to them indicating what the notifications are for. Example: Trending ideas will have a fire icon, Tagging ideas will have a tag icon, and Annotations will have a bulb icon.

Notifications: Kudos

All the kudos given and received by the member will be displayed in the Kudos tab.

Types of Notifications based on:

  • Kudos given/received on ideas and comments
  • Ideas submitted, edited/modified, annotated
  • Idea approved
  • Up/down Votes
  • Comments
  • @mentions
  • Stage changes
  • Campaign changes
  • Members assigned
  • Campaigns
  • Tags
  • Moderator digest
  • Trending Ideas
  • Inactive Ideas
  • Idea owner assigned
  • Stage actions like answering refinement questions, joining/leaving build team, assigning members etc.

View all Notifications Tab

The View all Notification tab when clicked will navigate to the Member Profile page and display all the notifications under the Notifications sections.

Here the member will be able to see All, Ideas & Kudos tabs similar to the Notification bell section.

Mark all as seen button on the top right of the Notification section will mark all unread notifications as seen and the blue dot beside it will disappear.

Subscriptions Tab

The subscriptions tab will display all the items the member has subscribed to. They can follow or unfollow a subscription by clicking on the star icon.

Last Updated: August 16, 2023