Idea Submission Tool

Edit, Add, Remove Elements in Idea Submission Tool

Path: Community Settings >> Campaign >> Manage Campaign >> Idea Submission Form

The idea submission tool is what members fill out to submit their idea to a campaign. This step allows you to choose the type of information you would like members to include when submitting an idea.

In the campaign settings, this tab consists of three elements: the Idea Submission form, Idea Submission elements, and Custom field elements.

You can reorder or drag and drop the elements in the idea submission form as well as reorder them on the form using the 6 dot icon beside each element.

If you wish to remove any particular element click on the remove link and save. The removed elements will be added back to the right side of the idea submission tool.

Note: Title and Description fields cannot be removed.

Lets see these sections in detail:

Idea Submission Form

Idea Submission Elements

Custom Field Elements

Idea Submission Form

This area shows a preview of the questions that members will see when they are filling out the form to submit an idea in the campaign. Two questions, Title, and Description, can not be removed however, you can edit the fields by clicking on the pencil icon.

User Instructions will be displayed when the pencil icon is clicked. Here you can provide special instructions for the members to fill out the fields.

Title User Instructions: The instructions will be displayed to members while they fill in the Title field in Idea submission form.

Description User Instructions: This will display the details or instructions to help your members fill in the Description field properly.

Idea Submission Elements

Elements that you would like to have on your idea submission form to gather extra details on the ideas that are being submitted. These elements will be visible in this section only if enabled in the Community Settings >> Customization >> Customize Site Behavior Settings.

Below is the list of idea submission elements you can enable:

  • Add Co-submitters

  • Annotations

  • Submit Idea on Behalf of

  • Linked Ideas

  • Attach an image or supporting document

  • Tags

  • Section

Custom Field Elements

Add and configure new fields for your submission form.

To know more about Custom fields, see the help article.

Custom Field User Instructions:
These user instructions will clarify the member's doubts or questions while answering the custom field questions.

Note: The User Instructions can be only 280 characters long.