Government Privacy FAQ

Does IdeaScale use persistent cookies?

Yes. IdeaScale does employ persistent cookies in order to enhance the browsing experience for the user. However, users do have the option to disable this option upon login. In addition, the GSA (General Services Administration) obtained a waiver from GSA's Acting Administrator to use persistent cookies for the log-in features of IdeaScale. Agencies do not need their own waiver.

More info:

Does IdeaScale have a stated privacy policy?
Yes. More info on the IdeaScale privacy policy can be found here:

Has a privacy impact assessment been completed by a government agency?

Yes. You can read a full PIA conducted by the GSA (General Services Administration) here (PDF link):

What are the types of data that is collected for each user?
IdeaScale collects the following data about each user that visits your community:

  • Email address (if provided by the user)

  • First and last name (if provided by the user)

  • Custom fields (if required by the administrator of the site and if provided by the user)


Last Updated: July 26, 2023