FAQ on Kudos 👏

  1. What are Kudos?

    Kudos are an appreciation one member can bestow on another member for their contribution. Kudos are a small token to encourage peer-to-peer recognition between members. Kudos are represented by a hand clap emoji 👏 next to each Idea submitter and commenter's name.

  2. How do I gain a Kudo to give?

    Simply logging into your community, will gain you a Kudo per day to give to any other contributing member.

  3. Can I log in multiple times a day to get more Kudos to give out?

    Members receive only 1 Kudo per day, regardless of the number of logins. But come back tomorrow and you'll have another Kudo to give.

  4. Do I have to actually log out/log in to earn a Kudo? Or do I simply need to wait for the next day?

    One Kudo is available to give at the first login of a day. When Remember me is ON, it's available with the first community hit of a day. NOTE - If I’m logged into a community and switch to another community I won’t have a Kudo for the 2nd community (unless I log out and back in).

  5. Do I have to give out my Kudo every day?

    No, you can bank them and give out multiple Kudos on a future date. Kudos do not expire.

  6. Can I give more than one Kudo to another member?

    Yes, you can, provided you have banked enough Kudos.

  7. Can I give a Kudo to myself?

    No, we designed Kudos to be shared.

  8. Can I give Kudos to multiple submitters?

    Yes, provided you have enough Kudos banked you can give a Kudo to co-submitters.

  9. Can I give Kudos to my Idea co-submitters?

    Yes, if you have submitted an idea with other users you can give Kudos to your co-submitters, provided you have enough Kudos banked to give to all of the other co-submitters.

  10. Wait, I gave Kudos to the wrong Member! Can I revoke my Kudo?

    Not possible to retract, but once you login the next day you'll have a new one to give.

  11. How are Kudos different from voting?

    Kudos are given to specific members for their contributions, not for ideas. Unlike votes, you can give as many Kudos as you like to a single contributor. Kudos have no bearing on the vote whatsoever.

  12. Are Kudos a healthy snack or really just a candy bar?

    You're thinking of the Mars Brand granola bars, Kudos. Sadly, no relation to the delicious 1980's after-school treat.

  13. What happened to the badges?

    Kudos have replaced badges.

  14. Do Moderators and Administrators have an extra pool of Kudos to give?

    No, all members have the same one Kudo per day rule.

  15. Can I redeem my Kudos for a prize?

    There is no redemption aspect built into Kudos, but your organization is welcome to create one offline.

  16. Is there a leaderboard?

    Yes, there is a leaderboard that will track who received the most Kudos throughout the community or in specific campaigns.

  17. Can I give a Kudo to a member that has not submitted an idea or comment?

    No, you cannot give a Kudo to a member that has not contributed an idea or comment. We want to encourage everyone to participate.

  18. What happens to Kudos when ideas are merged?

    Kudos stay with the contributors so you won't lose the Kudos you have received if your idea gets merged.

  19. How do I know how many Kudos I have left?

    You'll see the total number of Kudos Received, Given, and Remaining listed in the Community Kudos module on the right-hand sidebar.

  20. Who gave me this Kudo?
    You can see who gave Kudos to a submitter/commenter by hovering over the Kudo button next to your name. You can see who gave YOU Kudos in your Top Bar Notifications.

  21. Can I give Kudos to anonymous Community Members?
    Yes, you may give Kudos to members that are participating anonymously as Community Members.

  22. When do Kudos reset?
    Kudos will reset at 12:01 AM based on where your server cluster is located.

To learn more about Kudos check out this help article: Kudos

Last Updated: August 16, 2023