Export Idea Data (Comments &Tags)

Path and details about idea data along with comments and tags

Path: Settings Dropdown >> Reports & Analysis >> Export Data >> Export Idea Data with Comments and Tags
Export Idea data feature allows community administrators to export idea data along with Comments and Tags. The first sheet in the report focuses on ideas and comments while the second shows the number of time tags used on a particular idea. This helps the administrator to get a view of tags usage on the idea.

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1) Filter Data:

  • Date: Administrator can mention the start date and the end date to download data for a specific period of time. If Hide Data Filter is selected, all idea data from the beginning to the current date will be exported.

2) Select your Timezone: Administrator can select a specific timezone to get the time within data in the timezone.

3) Campaign: Administrator can select the campaign for which they wish to download the data. Selecting All campaigns will export data including Archived Campaigns.

4) Include Geo Location: Enabling this option adds geolocation of the users.

Note: This information will be visible only if the user has allowed to share it. Location is determined by IP address. In some cases users may be using a VPN to mask their location. We report to the best of our ability.

Fields on Exported Excel sheet

 Sheet 1: Contains Ideas data in detail with the following fields -

  • Date/Time

  • Idea ID

  • Idea Number

  • Idea Status

  • Author Name

  • Author Email Address

  • Campaign

  • Campaign Group (If any)

  • Net Votes

  • Votes Up

  • Votes Down

  • Idea Title

  • Idea Details (body of idea)

  • Tags

  • Idea URL

  • Attachment

  • Owners

  • Comment Count

  • Actual Comments

  • City (If Include geolocation is enabled)

  • Region (If Include geolocation is enabled)

  • Country (If Include geolocation is enabled)

Sheet 2: Tags data shows statistics of user/predefined tags on idea with the following fields

  • Idea ID

  • Idea Number

  • Idea Title

  • Tag one

  • Tag two

  • Tag three and so on.

Sheet 3: Moderators Tags shows statistics of tags used by moderator on ideas (similar to sheet 2 format)

 Sheet 4: Pending Ideas (similar to sheet 1)

 Sheet 5: Recycle bin Ideas (similar to sheet 1)

 Sheet 6: Off-Topic Ideas (similar to sheet 1)



1. The idea title and idea description columns will display the customised names if it is customised in the Idea Submission form.

2. Any images that is pasted in ideas or comments section will be auto named using random set of characters.

Last Updated: October 31, 2023