Export Groups

Path: Settings Dropdown >> Reports & Analysis >> Export data >> Export Groups

The export groups report displays a report with detailed information on all groups within the community along with activities and other data. Data can be generated in Excel or XML format. Once you click on Export Data, a link to the file will be generated which can then be downloaded. You can access the file at a later date from Settings Dropdown >> Reports & Analysis >> Data Export Log.

1) Output format: Idea data can be exported in the following formats

  • Microsoft Excel sheet (.xls) format

  • XML (RSS 2.0)

2) Group Type: The group type can be selected depending upon the data you wish to export. It can be All Group Types, Groups, or as per Group Based Moderation.

3) Select your timezone: You have an option to select a timezone of your choice while exporting the report.

Fields on Exported Excel sheet

Sheet 1:
The first sheet contains all the groups created in the community with its name, the number of members assigned to the group, member assignment method, and if the group is private.

Sheet 2:
The second sheet onwards contains each group's details in a different sheet with the following columns member id, email address of the member, username, display name, registered date and time, source, status, ideas, votes, and comments.

Last Updated: September 17, 2023