Export Attachment Download Log

Path: Settings Dropdown >> Reports & Analysis >> Export Data >> Export Attachment Download Log

The Community administrator can download the 'Export Attachment Log' report view information regarding the attachments users connected to ideas. This information includes; members who uploaded, a member who downloaded, and frequency of file attachment download in the community.


This log will be created only if any user has downloaded the idea attachments, any idea attachment along with the ideas but not downloaded by the user will have no logs created.

A detailed attachment log report can be exported in Excel or CSV file format.

Fields on exported Excel sheet:

Filename: Name of the file with file extension added as an attachment with an idea
URL to idea: URL of Idea where the file is attached
Uploader: Name of the member who uploaded file attachment
Downloader: Name of the member who downloaded file attachment
Email address: Email address of a member of who downloaded attachment
Last Downloaded: Date and time at which members downloaded a file.
Frequency: Number of times file attachment was downloaded by a member.


Note: In case of the public community, an unregistered member can download attachment as content are public. In such case, the downloader field will be 'Anonymous' and Email address as 'Not applicable'


Last Updated: September 17, 2023