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Path: Community Settings >> Campaigns >> Manage Campaigns >> Edit Campaign Settings >> Idea Submission Tool

The latest feature introduced in the Idea Submission Form are Sections and Dynamic Sections. Sections help to separate custom fields within the Idea Submission Form whereas Dynamic Sections help to add conditional custom fields based on the answers given on specific linked fields.


Dynamic Custom Fields


Sections is a box that can be used by the administrator to separate custom fields in the Idea Submission Form. These Sections can also be given title like any other elements in the idea submission form.

Sections Setup

To create Sections, click on the Add Section button at the bottom of the Idea Submission Form template or drag and drop the section block from Idea Submission Elements. Edit to name the section and add user instructions.

Once the section is created, simply drag-drop the custom fields within the box and save the changes.

The section will appear on the idea submission form with a box around it to show separation.


Note: While removing the sections from Campaign settings, it is required to first remove the custom fields within it and then the system will allow removing the section.

Dynamic Sections

Upon creating Sections, the administrator can create Dynamic Sections which further help to segregate the custom fields as per the answers selected and link them to the next related custom field.


Note: To make a Section Dynamic, it is required to have a single choice or multiple choice custom field in the idea submission form to link responses to the individual Section.

Dynamic Sections Setup

Add a single choice or multiple choice custom field in the Idea Submission Form. Click on the + button beside the custom field name. This will open up an area to link the sections. Click on the Link Section button beside the answer option to be linked to a Section. This will open up a dropdown to select the Section to be linked.

In a similar way, all the answer options can be linked to various sections on the Idea Submission Form.

Note: It is required to have a name for a Section in order to link it.

This is how it will appear on the Idea Submission Form on the frontend.

Here is a short video demonstrating this:

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Last Updated: July 28, 2023