Dark Mode

Dark mode switch and visibility

Are you finding that working extensively on computers is causing strain on your eyes? We have a solution for you - introducing Dark Mode!

To enable Dark Mode, simply access the Profile dropdown and toggle the switch. This will allow you to effortlessly switch between Light and Dark mode, providing a more comfortable viewing experience for your eyes.

This mode will apply to all the front-end pages as well as the back-end pages.

Front-end Pages

Dark Mode will apply to all the front-end pages like Homepage, Profile page, Leaderboard,  Idea details page, Custom pages and Campaign pages.

Register & Login pages

The system will automatically switch to Light or Dark mode as per your browser preference. The login page and registration page too will be displayed in the Dark mode if that is the browser's preferred mode.

Back-end Pages

Dark Mode is now available in our various dashboards as well.

Incoming Moderation

Idea Portfolio

Member Management.

Last Updated: August 16, 2023