Commands for IdeaScale Slack App

Commands for using IdeaScale from Slack App

For directions on how to set-up Slack app click here!

Learn more commands to interact with the App:

/ideascale setup: One-time setup for your community

/ideascale setup ls retrieve all community setups

/ideascale setup delete [yourCommunityAlias]: Delete a community setup using your community alias

/ideascale login: Authorize this application to access your IdeaScale account

/ideascale logout: Remove this application's access to your IdeaScale account

/ideascale subscribe: Subscribe yourself to daily community posts

/ideascale unsubscribe: Cancel your daily subscription

/ideascale ideas: Show pending ideas

/ideascale hot: Post top 3 community hot ideas 

/ideascale members: Approve/Disapprove pending members

/ideascale leaderboard: Your community's leaderboard

/ideascale submit idea: Submit a new idea

Note: Optional Idea custom field will not be displayed in the Slack App idea submission form.

/ideascale me: Show profile information

/ideascale campaign activity: Show activity information for desired campaign

/ideascale help: Repeat this help message

For specific help on any command: /ideascale help COMMAND (i.e. /ideascale help members). Use the Submit idea from message Slack Action on any message to create from the contents of that message.

To Send a message to the Ideascale bot directly to send feedback about this IdeaScale Slack application