Changing your Primary Email Address

Steps to change the primary email address

Path: Personal Settings >> Email, Services, and Devices >> Add email address

This feature is particularly useful when there is a need to transfer administrator rights from one person to another or if you wish to update your email address.

Add a new email address using Add email address link. Enter the email address and click on Add Email button.

The new email address will receive a verification email where you will need to verify the email.

Now the 'Make Primary' option will be visible in the Email, Services and Devices section.

The new email address is changed to the primary email address:

It is also possible to change the primary email address to an email address that is verified and registered with us, but in such a scenario the primary email address holder will have to claim the email address which they would now like to make as primary.

Click on the Click here link to receive the Email claim verification code email.

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 7.34.22 AM

Click on the link to verify and then login to the community to see the email address added as the secondary one.

Member can then make it as primary by clicking on the Make Primary link.

You can add a non-whitelisted email address, however, when changing the primary email address to the non-whitelisted one you will receive a warning message stating it cannot be added as primary.

Last Updated: January 25, 2024