Campaign Level Group Based Moderation

Path: Community Settings >> Admins/Moderators/Groups>> Group Based Moderation >> Campaign level Group Based Moderation
Group based moderation on a Campaign level helps an administrator set-up group moderation for a specific campaign only. The idea submitted on the rest of the campaigns does not need approval and is directly active.
The idea from this specific campaign is held in a Pending queue until a moderator changes its status from Pending to active status.

Advanced Group Moderation adds an additional tier to the traditional moderation paradigm allowing for a two-step approval process if the Strict approval is enabled from settings where approval is required from the campaign moderator and then group moderator or vice-a-versa to make the idea active.


Campaign level Group Moderation uses the 'Group' feature to create groups. Hence before embarking on the actual setup, ensure the group is created.

1) Type of Group-Based Moderation: Choose the type of Group Moderation 'Campaign Level Group Based Moderation'

Once done click on the View Member Groups link for the campaign to set up for moderation. This will take admin to a new page to create a new group.

2) New Member Group: Click on this button to create a New Member Group eg. 'Environmentalist', and save changes.

The newly created Member Group 'Environmentalist', would now be seen under this section 'Member Groups for Group-Based Moderation'. 

Adding a Member to the Group

Manage Criteria: Clicking on the 'Manage Criteria' button (seen in the above screenshot) will open up the option to select a group from existing groups whose members will be pulled into the newly created group/criteria for moderation.

Help article on Groups.

Once the group is selected and changes are saved, the members from the selected group are auto-assigned to the Member group. The Members column will show the number of members assigned to the group.

Adding Group Moderator

In the section 'Member Groups for Group-Based Moderation', below the column Moderators.
A new page where Group Moderators can be added is seen. Click on the Add Moderator button. 

A pop-up window will appear. You will be able to search the person based on the email address or member profile question responses. If you enter the email address of the member and click on the 'Search' button, the Search Results shows the member's name. Check the checkbox for that member and click the 'Assign' button to assign the member as a Group Moderator for that group. A Member group can have more than one Group moderator.

Group Moderators can also be Assigned or Unassigned from Community Settings >> Admins/Moderators/Groups >> Moderators
A separate head is created for each member group and the group moderators are listed below the respective member groups.

Strict Approval

Strict Approval is an advanced form of Group Moderation and requires a two-step approval process before the idea becomes Active.
The settings for Strict Approval will be visible to the Administrator only if
 1) New Ideas Approval on Campaign level is enabled from Community Settings >> Security >> Moderation Settings.
 2) New Ides Approval in the specific campaign is enabled from Community Settings >> Basic Settings >> Manage Campaign >> Edit Campaign >> New Idea Approval
Once they are enabled the Administrator would see the Strict Approval Moderation setting.
Turning On “Strict Approval” extends Group Moderation to require two levels of moderation before an idea is made Active. 

Approval Order: The Administrator can choose to either have
Group-Based Approval First: The Group Moderator has the precedence to approve the idea first
Campaign Based Approval First: A Campaign Moderator has the precedence to approve the idea
Community Level Group Based Moderation

How Group Moderation Works