Bulk Upload Members Status

Efficiently Manage Member Status with Bulk Updates Using the Import Feature

Path: Member Management >> Import tab >> Members Status

Bulk upload member status helps you in updating or changing the status of multiple existing members in a jiffy. Whether a member is in Pending approval, Approved or Banned status, you can modify it by uploading an Excel sheet and assigning them a new status. 

In case there is a malicious content, virus or malware during the upload it will show an error and the upload will fail.


  1. The excel sheet should be .xls and .xlsx format only.

  2. The columns in the sheet are fixed first being the Email and second as Membership Status.

  3. While uploading the Excel sheet you would need to mention the New status as Pending for pending approval, Member for approved member and Banned to ban a member. 

For instance you could upload the Excel Sheet with new status in the following format.

Email Status:
  1. Unknown: This status indicates that the member has not been verified, and no verification email has been sent to them. (During a silent upload, no verification email is sent from the community)
  2. Sent: This status indicates that the member is not verified, but a verification email has been sent from the community to that member.
  3. Verified: This status indicates that the member is verified. A verification email was sent, and the member used it to verify themselves.
  4. Assumed: This status indicates that the member is verified from the backend by the support team or trusted domain (for SSO Community).
Member Status:
  1. Pending: The member needs to be approved by the Admin/Global Moderator.
  2. Member: Approved member.
  3. Banned: Banned from community.


Last Updated: June 19, 2024