Best Practices for moving ideas

Moving ideas from one campaign to another

At times administrator or the moderator may come across a situation when they would need to move ideas from the current campaign to a more relevant campaign. During these times the best way to move forward accomplishing this task would be if we could follow these steps.

Path: Profile dropdown >> Idea Portfolio

1. Moving selected or few ideas.

2. Moving all ideas.

Moving selected or few ideas: Idea portfolio offers to select specific ideas after we search for a campaign in the Search bar. Clicking the Action tab will open up various actions from which we use the Move option to move ideas from one campaign to another. You would also need to select the stage to which you would like the ideas to be moved into.

Moving all ideas: 
When all the ideas of a certain campaign needs to be moved to a different campaign we can use idea portfolio to move ideas with ease. All you got to do is search for ideas of the campaign that needs to be moved and then using the Action button select Move button which will display the campaign names to be selected from and the stages in the new campaign.

Note: Ideas selected can be moved to one specific stage in the new campaign. If you wish to move the ideas to different stages you would need to select the ideas and move it separately.