AI Empowered: Idea Submission and Campaign Creation.

Experience the seamless synergy of AI technology as we introduce our comprehensive solution that covers both idea submission and campaign creation.

Last Updated: June 7, 2023

AI-Powered Campaign Creator

Tired of the creative block when it comes to crafting catchy campaign titles or formulating challenge statements that truly encapsulate your campaign's mission? Our AI-assistance platform is here to help you effortlessly generate attention-grabbing titles, thought-provoking challenge statements, and meticulously detailed campaign briefs to engage users and promote participation.

With advanced algorithms and language expertise, we'll guide you through the process, ensuring your campaign goals, context, and evaluation criteria are expertly communicated. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to campaign success with our comprehensive AI assistance.

AI-powered Idea Submission 

Welcome to a new era of idea submission. With our AI-powered platform, we are revolutionizing the way you bring your ideas to life. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the right words or feeling stuck in the creative process. Our intelligent system is here to assist you, providing valuable suggestions, insights, and inspiration at every step.

Our idea submission tool now empowers you to unleash your creativity and submit innovative concepts with ease. Embrace the power of AI and witness the transformation as your ideas flourish like never before.


NOTE:  Our AI assist for idea descriptions is currently, live within our Tesla public community for users to try.

AI assist is an add-on paid feature. If you are interested in our AI integration for the community, please contact your customer success manager or sales team member.