Submit Via Email Address FAQs

Frequently asked questions on Submit via Email (SVE) 

1. How does Submit Via Email Address work?

Each community has a designated email address that community members can email in order to submit their ideas. The subject of the email will be the Title of the idea and the body of the email is mapped to the Description. Emails received will be parsed and added to the member's Drafts.

2. Why not just submit my idea directly, why does an emailed idea have to go to drafts?

Most clients are using Custom Fields, so in order to honor those Custom Fields Ideas are first going to draft until they can be completed at a later date. We want to capture more of your ideas while you're on the fly.

3. What is my community's email address?

You will find your community's email address located on the right-hand sidebar (and also at the bottom of all IdeaScale emails). Administrators will also see the email address listed on the General Settings > Community Info page.

4. Can I choose the email address for my community?

You will be assigned an email address like, but your Account Manager can help you adjust as you see fit.

5. Can I include attachments to the email?

Yes, we will attach any files to your ideas as well. Standard file upload limits apply.

6. Why am I getting reminded about draft ideas?

We don't want your great ideas to die on the vine, so we will remind you about your drafts via email three times (or until you submit the idea).

7. How do you see my draft ideas?

You can see your Drafts in three places:

a. On the Idea Submission form (top right).

b. Under the top bar Alerts.

c. Under My Ideas Tab >> My Drafts

8. Do I need to use the same email address as the one I registered with?

In order to keep communities free of spam, yes, you do need to use the same email address.

9. Do I need to be a member of the community in order to submit ideas via email address?
Yes, again to keep communities spam-free we do restrict this feature to members only.

10. How do I know if my idea has been submitted?

If your idea has been received, you'll get a confirmation email almost immediately.

11. What if I didn't submit via email address and I received a confirmation email?

Click the Report Spam button on the bottom of the email and we'll diagnose.