Export Idea Tags

Path: Settings Dropdown >> Reports & Analysis >> Export Data >> Export Idea Tags

The Administrator can get an overall list of tags added to idea forms from the above-given path into Excel or CSV file format. Select the file format and click on 'Export data as shown below:

1) Output format:
Idea data can be exported in the following formats

  • Microsoft Excel sheet (.xls) format

  • XML (RSS 2.0)

2) Select your Timezone: The administrator can select a specific timezone to get the time within data in the timezone.

3) Filter Data:

  • Date: The administrator can mention the start date and the end date to download data for a specific period of time. If Hide Data Filter is selected, all idea data from the beginning to the current date will be exported.

  • Campaign: Administrators can select the campaign for which they wish to download the data. Selecting All campaigns will export data including Archived Campaigns. Date filter helps you to export idea tags for a specific period of time.

4) Tags: The option enables the administrator to select all the tags in the community

or a specific tag to get all the idea data related to it.

Fields on exported excel sheet:

  • Tag - List of tags added.

  • Tag Type - The type of tag can be General or Moderator.

  • Tag Submitter - This column will be blank in case it is a General tag and if it is a moderator tag it will have the moderator's email address.

  • Idea ID - The Idea Id number will be specified.

  • Idea Number - The idea number will be specified.

  • Idea Title - The title of the idea will be displayed.

  • Idea URL - The idea URL will be displayed.

  • Timestamp - This column will show the date and time of the idea submission.

  • Idea Author ID - The Idea author id will be mentioned.

Below is a screenshot of the idea tag report downloaded in .xls format:


Note: All the tags ( i.e. General. Moderator) used in the idea will be shown under the 'Tag Type' column in the export idea tags report.