Campaign Administrators and Moderators - Start Here!

Welcome to IdeaScale!

Welcome to IdeaScale!

Here is a quick overview of how IdeaScale works.

As a new Campaign Administrator and Moderator, there are a few projects that will help you quickly get up and running with IdeaScale.

First, let’s do some Innovation Planning. These 4 workbooks will help you get started with your innovation campaign approach:

  • Innovation Planning Workbook I: Frame the big picture
  • Innovation Planning Workbook II: Team and crowd engagement
  • Innovation Planning Workbook III: The path to implementation
  • Innovation Planning Workbook IV: Messaging and communication

You can download the workbooks here or request them from

Once you have completed these workbooks, let’s configure your IdeaScale campaign and prepare for moderating it. Go to Campaign Administrators and Moderators Start Guide

A campaign has several roles:

  • Campaign Administrators configure the campaign’s settings and design the campaign experience. Learn about building campaigns here.
  • Campaign Moderators act as Subject Matter Experts and are in charge of commenting on ideas, tagging, linking similar ideas, and deciding whether to advance ideas to the next stage. Learn about campaign moderation here.   
  • Evaluators can be assigned to assess whether an idea fulfills the campaign’s business criteria in order to be selected for further development and implementation. Learn about idea evaluation here.   
  • Moderators can assign Idea Owners to be responsible for project managing selected ideas into solutions. Learn about idea owners here.     

Additional resources include:

Email IdeaScale Professional Services to discuss additional training: